Friday, July 6, 2012

Musings of a Parallel Universe

I wrote a couple months ago about being inspired by Mark Twain to go out in the world and try the things that you always wished you had given a shot.  A friend of mine has been talking about being a writer for a living since I met her almost eleven years ago.  At the time we met, she and I were classroom neighbors just setting out to try the teaching thing, and we were both teaching freshman English.  She dreamed of writing, and I dreamed of being a travel writer or host of a show like Globe Trekker.  Neither of us has really changed our minds.  Both of us are still teaching, only I have switched into teaching all history classes, and she has moved to teaching 12th grade English. 

Now she is going out there and doing what we have always talked about doing, and here I am with nothing to show for myself.  Don’t get me wrong—I feel great about my life choices.  I just feel like there is a parallel life or two out there that I could have, would have lived, had I not chosen this particular path.  Sometimes I wonder, too, if my wandering and exploring will lead me to that path, just in a matter of time…I just have to find it. 

Please check out my friend’s journey.  It is very inspiring, and I hope to jump start my own dreams, so please follow my musings as I explore here, on my blog!

All photography by Rick McDonough taken in Shanghai, China

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  1. Thanks, Wayfaring girl! I love we share this dream!!! Life will open the doorways for our hearts desire. I am sure of it. We are taking steps..and eventually leaping!