Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sucked In

With the promise of a $50 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory, I attended my first timeshare presentation. A naive 24 year old, I bought into the scheme that would make me travel at least once a year and the promise of a free week in a resort I would never visit due to an expiration date.

I finally broke down and used a week after two years of paying dues. A friend and I decided to go to New Zealand and Australia for the summer, and while we were already going so far, we decided to add Fiji and Thailand, too. After searching around for flights, we found that an around the world ticket with four stops got us the cheapest fare. A timeshare resort at Fiji convinced us to add that as a destination, and so Fiji was my first timeshare experience.

I have never traveled the same. Having a kitchen, living room, and bedroom transformed my idea of options. Until then I was used to staying in hostels and the cheapest hotel I could book. Now I realized that once I considered the price of food and split all that with a friend, apartment stays might be the way to go. A new era of travel opened up to me.

We had an absolutely amazing time in each place!

Pictures above: 1) Denauru, Fiji--view from the room at my timeshare. 2) Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 3) South Island, New Zealand, 4) Fox Glacier, New Zealand

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